Semper Reformanda

The phrase “Always Reforming” (Semper reformanda, technically “Always to be reformed”) has been enlisted here, in connection with a Day of Common Learning at this University with what one might call pietist roots and/or sympathies, in its broadest possible (rather than any strictly historical) sense, as “encompassing notions of change, renewal, improvement, alteration for the better, and innovation,” whatever their disciplinary home, and whether they be properly theological in nature or not (Assistant Provost and Director of the Center for Scholarship and Faculty Development Dr. Margaret Brown).

Violence as Spectacle, Sacrifice as Icon

Two events occurred last week, which I instinctively knew to be connected, though at first I couldn’t see exactly what the connection might be. As I pondered the question, my mind was flooded with a cascade of old memories and fresh reflections, which only added to my bewilderment. It was like dumping the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle onto a table. You know there is some kind of order to them all, but at the moment all you’ve got is a meaningless jumble of color patches. At this point, I think I’ve got the border pieces of my puzzle in place, but that’s about all. Maybe you can help me finish it.