Book Celebration 2015: Review of “Rediscovering an Evangelical Heritage”

“Dr. Strong’s book, ‘Rediscovering an Evangelical Heritage,’ is really a book within a book. It is a re-publication of the Donald Dayton essays originally published in what is now Sojourners Magazine, compiled into a book in 1976 and updated in 1988, with new commentary in 2014 from Dr. Strong relating it to 21st-century Christians. [….] These early evangelicals were grounded in Scripture and dedicated to the conversion of souls. But they didn’t stop there. Instead, they led major – often radical – social reform movements, work that today we would call ‘social justice.’”

Book Celebration 2015: Review of “Confessing the Triune God”

“This book should be a must-read for both identified populations and many others. [….] It deals with so many of the questions I’ve heard and sought inadequately to answer over the years on the whole concept of God in three persons. From one who has studied and appreciated John Wesley, Dr. Castelo sprinkled in just enough to make me feel at home. He made the trinity come alive for me and I will be utilizing this as a resource, if not the resource, for an upcoming study.”

Calling and Clarity: Discovering What God Wants for Your Life

In his new book, “Calling and Clarity: Discovering What God Wants for Your Life,” Associate Professor of Theology Doug Koskela seeks to ease frustration people often feel when wrestling with their vocation and calling by distinguishing between “missional calling,” “direct calling,” and “general calling.”

Book Celebration 2015: Review of “A Compact Guide to the Whole Bible”

“A book that has so many different pieces, each with its own author, poses a particular challenge to a reviewer limited to a few quick minutes. I could begin by noting that this book is clear, sharp, accurate, accessible, and its authors are good-looking. I could simply pile up adjectives praising this book, but that might not really get at its true importance for the church today.”

What does it mean to be Asian American?

Video of Seattle Pacific University (SPU) Asian Pacific American (APA) undergraduate students, seminary students, faculty and staff developed for SPU’s APA Heritage Month Chapel service on May 5, 2015.

Interpreting and Teaching Christian Scripture

“So many first-year courses … deal only with how do you read a text, how do you interpret a text, [etc.] And while we consider that important … we couple that with teaching, […] with something that Scripture and all of our hard work in interpreting scripture does so that it puts Scripture to use….”