Theological Interpretation: Reading Scripture with the Communion of Saints

“One of the things that theological interpretation should impress upon someone is the importance of engaging that ongoing conversation, not coming to this text as if we were the first ones to ever look at it….instead we are the heirs of a stream of interpretation, or perhaps a long-running conversation over centuries. We actually might want to join that conversation and start to participate in it as a way of enriching what we do in our local congregations.” – Dr. Stephen Fowl

Theological Interpretation: Scripture as Formation

“The foundational commitment that drives theological interpretation of scripture has to be this sense that reading scripture isn’t an end in it of itself. It’s one of God’s gifts to the church, to bring Christians to their proper end in God. It’s a vehicle for bringing us to God. Ultimately all that scriptural interpretation has to be directed toward serving that larger end of bringing us to God.” – Dr. Stephen Fowl

Graduate Core Practicum

“The Graduate Core Practicum is designed to help students connect the rigorous academic work that they’re doing in their Bible classes and their Global Christian Heritage classes and their Theology and Ethics classes with their own personal spiritual formation and also … with the skill-building needed for effective ministry.” – Dr. Rick Steele

Why Hope for Heaven?

“Some time ago I received an email from one of my former students [who tried] to live a Christian life, but [found] the church intellectually feeble and spiritually lifeless. In particular, she [was] nauseated by the way that certain Christian preachers [used] the hope of a ‘sweet by and by’ to dull the pain their congregants feel in the here and now. [Read further to see] what she wrote [and my response].”