“A Heresy Tonight”

In honor of April 1st (aka April Fools’ Day), Dr. Steele would like to share a delightful poem by a delightful friend and professional colleague, Dr. Sarah Morice Brubaker of Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa, OK.

The Life is in the Blood

“I wish to brag a bit here about a ‘certificate of appreciation’ I recently received from the Puget Sound Blood Center after donating my one hundredth unit of A-negative. [Along with some interesting facts on my donation track record, I’d like to] offer a few theological reflections and personal reminiscences on the occasion.”

The Book of Romans

SPS Professor Dr. Daniel Castelo provides an overview of the theological themes and importance of this oft-studied New Testament text as a preview to the Spring 2015 Lectio series.

Wonderful Concentration

“I have never spent a fortnight on death row, anticipating my death. But I have had two very close brushes with death, and I can tell you that staring afterward at what might have been the scenes of fatality also had the effect of ‘concentrating my mind.’”

They’re Not Dancing

“It’s an understandable mistake – but it’s still a mistake. […] The mistake made by [many] contemporary Christians, is to imagine the relations of the three Persons of the Holy Trinity as a kind of dance.”

Theological Interpretation: Recognizing Our Own Errors

“God delights in forgiving us for all of our sins, including our interpretive ones. But that puts an enormous responsibility on a community of believers to have their practices of confession and forgiveness and reconciliation in good working order so that you’re in a position to recognize your own errors, confess them, and change.” – Dr. Stephen Fowl