Book Celebration 2015: Review of “A Compact Guide to the Whole Bible”

“A book that has so many different pieces, each with its own author, poses a particular challenge to a reviewer limited to a few quick minutes. I could begin by noting that this book is clear, sharp, accurate, accessible, and its authors are good-looking. I could simply pile up adjectives praising this book, but that might not really get at its true importance for the church today.”

What does it mean to be Asian American?

Video of Seattle Pacific University (SPU) Asian Pacific American (APA) undergraduate students, seminary students, faculty and staff developed for SPU’s APA Heritage Month Chapel service on May 5, 2015.

The Ties That Bind

“Tom Krueger was standing at the church lectern, wearing golfing duds and carrying a nine-iron. [….] ‘I’m dressed today,’ he said, ‘the way I usually dress on Sunday mornings. You’re probably wondering why I, of all people, should be standing here on Stewardship Sunday, encouraging you folks to increase your commitment of ‘time, talents and treasures’ to this church, when my own commitment isn’t what it should be. I’m wondering that, too.’ We all knew Tom, and we all howled with laughter. But the pledges that came in on that autumn day in 1983 more than covered the budget for 1984.”

Interpreting and Teaching Christian Scripture

“So many first-year courses … deal only with how do you read a text, how do you interpret a text, [etc.] And while we consider that important … we couple that with teaching, […] with something that Scripture and all of our hard work in interpreting scripture does so that it puts Scripture to use….”

Muriel’s Parsnips

“I had never tasted candied parsnips before, but after that first serving at Muriel’s house I could never get enough. Muriel Dresser and her husband Marston were members of the Shopiere United Methodist Church, a small, rural congregation near Beloit, WI, where I pastored, 1978-1982. [R]etired farmers, then in their mid-70s[, b]oth were hale and hearty, though Muriel suffered from a severely arthritic hip…. But that never stopped her from attending church[,] doing her household chores[, or from becoming my friend and surrogate grandma].”

PNWC Racial Reconciliation Summit “Frames & Filters: An On-ramp to Multicultural & Multiethnic Engagement” Reflection

“We seek belonging. It is part of being human; it is part of why we tell stories. [….] Led by Tali Hairston, the gathering of people from several churches and contexts allowed exploration of personal backgrounds as a way to engage and explore some of the filters that shape the story. Understanding how we come to construct our stories is a powerful way to engage issues of race, among others, for the purpose of reconciliation.”