Faith and Business

Life in the Intersection: Reflections on Business in the Way of Jesus

April 23rd, 2010

Biblical Texts:  Genesis 28:10-22 and John 1:43-51 [Presented by Uli Chi at Seattle Pacific University’s chapel service, April 13, 2010] I was always a bit of geek growing up.  I was the kid who read advanced math and physics books in junior high when others were doing more age-appropriate things.  If you had met me […]

A New Kind of Equity for Wall Street Reform

March 31st, 2010

Investment banking has suffered profoundly in the popular press. There are good reasons for the outcry. Wall Street bankers played a significant role in the world’s financial meltdown by expanding the housing bubble through the securitization and sale of sophisticated sub-prime mortgages and financial derivatives. Then, as suffering American taxpayers provided life-saving defibrillation through the […]

Building to Last: The Eternal Impact of Our Earthly Work

January 20th, 2010

Good and Dirty Work by John Terrill On Discovery Channel’s popular show, Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe, the star and narrator, travels the United States serving in some of the most back-breaking, grungiest jobs one could ever imagine – jobs few of us would ever consider taking, even for one week. Some of his assignments have […]