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October 17th, 2011 § 5 Comments

Someday I plan to own my own home. I also plan to build this house.  Of course, I will have to get some help from my Dad, who is a master at all things construction.  To date, while I am handy with a hammer, I have only successfully built a rickety tea shelf. With the downturn in the housing market as well as the economy and the fact that my generation is the first not anticipated to exceed our parents, this is the only kind of house I am likely to afford.  Let’s face it, ministry does not pay that well.

Tiny homes are more than just a fad in the housing market along with Cargotecture and houses constructed out of straw bales.  Tiny homes are a great way to cultivate a lifestyle of Christian stewardship and love for neighbor.  With the amount of over-sized and large mortgaged homes being foreclosed upon in America, a smaller home does make sense.  Tiny homes are typically around 100 ft², as opposed to the almost 2,500 ft² average American home.  Tiny homes can get as small as 64 ft² or as large as 200 ft² and are usually built on trailer hitches.  Trailer hitches make these tiny homes mobile and help the homeowner avoid government regulations.

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