Student Contributors


Heather Juul

Heather, in addition to being more than passively fond of Rosie the Riveter, enjoys typing on her 1970’s Swedish typewriter, being enthusiastic about Denmark, and dabbling in Assemblage Sculpture. As an inaugural member of Seattle Pacific Seminary, Heather has continued her study of Theology (especially eschatology), discovered a love for art and interned at Union Church where she focuses on liturgy as well as attempts to incorporates art into worship. Heather’s future book titles include The Scat in Eschatology (June 2020), A Cat named George Stephanopoulos (October 2034) and her memoir Why Hungry isn’t an Emotion: Even When I Feel It (April 2087).


Josh Anway

Josh loves to spend his time riding around West Seattle, his hometown, on his favorite bright Sounders-rave-green bike that has been slowly and continually leaking air from its tires ever since his two brothers borrowed it this summer for some unknown purpose. He sometimes rides it across town to Seattle Pacific University, usually arrives on time for evening seminary classes, and then rides it back home. After finding an interest in music in middle school because his mom forced him to play saxophone, he began playing worship music in high school and has been learning about crafting thoughtful, theological, and accessible worship services ever since. Josh has been the worship director at Bethany Community Church West Seattle for a little over a year, and has been a liturgical coordinator and/or director of worship with various Christian communities for the past several years.


Raoul Perez

My name is Raoul Perez and I am an SPU undergraduate alumnus from 2006, graduating with a BA in Educational Ministry. In fall of 2009, when SPU started offering theological graduate degrees, I enrolled in the inaugural class as an MDiv student. Since then, I have wanted to share my thoughts and experiences about the program and hope that this blog from students’ perspectives is helpful to other prospective students. As the coordinator for the graduate program, feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have at (206) 281-2342 or email me.


Sophia Agtarap

Sophia is an M.Div student at Seattle Pacific Seminary by night and the Director of Outreach and Communication at First UMC Seattle by day. She spends lots of time reading, thinking and doing communications + media.

Sophia has held various roles in the church, but keeps coming back to thinking lot about worship, music, liturgy and art. She dreams about what the church of today and tomorrow could and should look like. She likes talking about faith/culture/church/hope/love/art over good food and coffee with great people [that’s you].

For her musings, read her blog, email her or find her on twitter or facebook.

Faculty Contributors


Brian Bantum

Brian Bantum is Assistant Professor of Theology at Seattle Pacific University. He teaches and writes on the intersections of Christology, identity, and the church. His first book, Redeeming Mulatto: A Theology of Race and Christian Hybridity was published in 2010. Brian lives in Seattle with his wife Gail and three children. Why does he teach at SPU? …because here theological reflection is simply one aspect of an entire academic community’s desire to know and serve God and the church. At SPU, theology is always in conversation with the varied realities of our everyday lives and is thus enriched and complicated in beautiful ways. You can follow his blog here.


David Leong

In 2008, David Leong came to SPU as instructor of missional theology to oversee the Global and Urban Ministry minor. Dr. Leong is passionate about equipping and empowering students and the church to be missional, incarnational people as they engage the city in an increasingly globalized and urbanized world. He lives in community in Seattle’s Rainier Valley with his wife, son, and southside community group of friends and neighbors. Why does he teach at SPU? I teach at SPU because I love to introduce students to the city as a vibrant, meaningful context in which to reflect upon God’s mission in the world.


Jeff Keuss

Dr. Jeff Keuss is a theologian who writes and teaches on the intersection of theology and culture at Seattle Pacific University. Jeff is at turns a father of three daughters, a husband, a Presbyterian clergyman, a professor of theology, a researcher and writer on theology, literature and contemporary culture, a friend and teacher, a reclusive monk in some places and a sideshow freak in others. And someone who drinks too much coffee in places that have free wi-fi.