Learning from Prison Inmates, Part I

How Long Is A Thesis For A Masters Degree For the past several years, I’ve been writing a book on Christian prison literature, or rather, on one particular kind of Christian literature, namely works which enunciate the convictions of Christians who were incarcerated for opposing the laws, policies, mores and/or ideals of their society, and which narrate their experience of trying to live in accordance with their “counter-cultural” convictions during their period of incarceration. I am investigating the various ways in which Christians who have been incarcerated for their religious convictions manage to maintain those convictions in the face of the relentless and often brutal efforts of the state to silence them or force them to recant, and exploring the spiritual resources they draw upon to endure repression and the rhetorical strategies they use to continue promoting the very convictions for which they were imprisoned. The figures whose prison writings I am studying are Vibia Perpetua (ca. 180–203), Anicius Boethius (ca. 475–ca. 526), Maximus the Confessor (ca. 580–662), Thomas More (1478–1535), Michael Sattler (ca. 1490–1527), John Bunyan (1628–1688) and Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929–1968). As I studied this literature, I began to wonder whether readers with first-hand experience of living a religious life behind bars, as I have not, might see things in it that would escape my notice. I resolved to find out.

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Lectio: Socioeconomic Reconciliation

Assistant Professor of Missiology David Leong recently wrote a Lectio on the overall topic of reconciliation — in particular, the concept of new creation. The text he focused on was Luke 4, where the gospel is preached with a particular emphasis on the social and economic order of the day being flipped on its head.

Seminary Student Spotlight: Kelsie Job

This is Kelsie: Hear how Kelsie chose to attend seminary at SPS after her time as an undergrad at SPU and her ultimate goal of becoming a professor.

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The World is Our Parish – join Dr. Daniel Castelo for the…

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