Energy Project at AAPT/PERC

Members and collaborators of the Energy Project in the Department of Physics spent the week in Omaha, Nebraska, sharing the work of the Energy Project with colleagues at the Summer National Meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT, August 1-3) and the associated Physics Education Research Conference (PERC, August 3-4).

Presenters for the Energy Project included:

Stamatis Vokos, Seattle Pacific University

Rachel Scherr, Energy Project, Seattle Pacific University

Sam McKagan, McKagan Enterprises, Seattle

Hunter Close, Texas State University

Eleanor Close, Texas State University

Benedikt Harrer, University of Maine

Warren Christensen, North Dakota State University

Eleanor Sayre, Kansas State University

Presentations addressed topics such as intuitive ontologies for energy in physics; productive disciplinary engagement in the context of energy; criteria for creating and categorizing forms of energy; and promoting proximal formative assessment with relational discourse.

Talks, posters, and short papers submitted to the PERC Proceedings are posted at the Energy Project website.

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