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Physics Department Chair John Lindberg helps direct new Engineering scholarship

Help Writing Your Dissertation Physics Department Chair John Lindberg – along with Engineering Program Director Elaine Scott and Associate Professors of Engineering Don Peter,  Kevin Bolding, and Melani Plett – is directing a new National Science Foundation grant. The $600,000 grant, entitled “Engaging the Community to Achieve Success in Engineering II,” will provide scholarships to engineering students demonstrating academic potential and financial need. Writing Services Consultant

Our thanks go out to the grant-direction team!

Highlighting SPU Noyce Scholar Zach Brenneman

Zach Brenneman, an SPU physics student and Noyce Scholar, was recently highlighted by “SPU Stories.” Check it out and learn what makes him excited about teaching physics.

Noyce Scholarships Offer Opportunity

SPU is privileged to be a PhysTEC Noyce site awarding scholarships to qualified physics students who are interested in making a difference in students’ lives by teaching in high-needs school districts.

But who are these students? Read on to learn about Katie Klug and Benjamin Zupke, two SPU Noyce scholars, and review other scholars on the SPU Noyce site. If you’re interested in joining this inspiring group of people, email Lane Seeley.

Meet Noyce Scholar Katie Klug Civil Service Essay Paper Katie KlugKatie Klug has a Master of Arts in Teaching degree (2010), with certifications in chemistry and physics. She is teaching at the high school level.

Buy CrystalIdea Uninstall Tool 2.5 oem What Teacher has been most influential in your life?
My high school chemistry teacher made me reconsider my sworn hatred of science and see how I could apply my skill in math to “real life.”

buy Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Premium Student And Teacher Edition What experiences are you currently looking forward to in this coming year?
I’m teaching in the Lake Washington District now at the high school level, and have already thoroughly enjoyed the first weeks of the school year. Though it’s still hard to believe I got a job my first year out of the MAT program, I’m so excited to see how far my students grow this year and how much I develop as a teacher and mentor.

Read the rest of Katie’s profile.

Meet Noyce Scholar Benjamin Zupke

Help With World Geography Homework Benjamin ZupkeBenjamin D. Zupke is pursuing his Washington State teacher certificate and a Master in Teaching through the Alternative Routes to Certification (ARC) program at Seattle Pacific. He wants his certification in physics and plans to teach at the high school level.

Graduate Term Papers Buy An Essay Online What are you most excited to be offering to your students?
I am most excited to become a teacher and fulfill the role model figure that most teachers have for their students. I am also excited to share with students the wonders of physics and how it is such an integral part of our daily lives and if they are to pursue a career in the science field that they might never get bored with their work.

Anything you would say to someone considering applying for a Noyce scholarship?
I have been told and I believe that this scholarship is a great way to help pay for tuition costs, and its requirements can easily be met. For one year of tuition help you will need to serve in a public school classified in a high-needs school district for two years. The wonderful part about this is that even though the first two years or so of your teaching career are the toughest, by the end of it you will know if you want to become a teacher. With the Noyce scholarship you are able to minimize the cost of becoming a teacher and if you do not like it after giving it a shot for two years, the scholarship requirements have already been met. So if you are a person who is strongly considering teaching as a career it is a great scholarship that allows you to get started into that career.

Master Thesis Crm Marketing Read the rest of Benjamin’s profile

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