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By Kelly Foster

It’s not an uncommon occurrence in my class to hear some variation of the following: “Ms. Foster, I’m really sorry I’m being so hyper! I didn’t take my medication today!” And it’s not an uncommon conversation around the old faculty water cooler (yes, we do sometimes discuss students behind closed doors) to go over and over the various apocalyptic, postmodern ways in which students are losing their capacity for patient and sustained interest in finishing tasks. Continue Reading …

Stabat Mater

By Kelly Foster

My maternal grandmother died somewhat unexpectedly last night. Two weeks ago, she entered the hospital and then a rapid-fire sequence of strokes took their toll on her body, already deteriorated by years of advanced Alzheimer’s and emphysema. Last night, my family all waited beside her hospital bed, watching her collect already shrunken breaths, scattershot and infrequent. Continue Reading …


By Kelly Foster

Since birth, the rhythm of my week has been set by church. Both my parents have held leadership positions in the varied churches we have attended over the years. In one of the many commonplaces of the evangelical testimony, I could easily say that I was indeed trained to be in church “every time the doors were open.” Continue Reading …

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