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At the Grave We Make our Song

By Kelly Foster

I have had three or four truly excellent teachers in my life—teachers who not only made lights come on for me, but who challenged and pushed me so far beyond boundaries that were previously comfortable that I was never able to return. Continue Reading …

The Spectacle of Unreal Horrors

By Kelly Foster

In five weeks, I will be going to Rwanda. I will be joining six of my students and eight students from our sister school in Scotland as well as four other teachers, on a trip to learn about genocide… Continue Reading …


By Kelly Foster

All the way up I-55 from Jackson on Christmas night, I watched the world become winter. Trees that were formerly merely leafless grew heavy with snow as the landscape whizzed by. Fields, some plowed and some redolent with the skeletons of harvested corn, reflected the blue moonlight back, wide and still and iridescent. Continue Reading …

Miracle, Legend, Whatever You Want

By Kelly Foster

America, I have two words to say to you about Mississippi: Brett Favre. Because for everything that all the other states can claim—well-paved roads, functional public education, progressive politics, literacy, physical fitness—we get to claim Brett Favre. Continue Reading …

Love Loving

By Kelly Foster

I do believe in God. I don’t believe, with any regularity, that God loves me. Or that, whether or not I believe in God, life will necessarily be anything other than the bleak, terror-blanched affair it sometimes appears at three in the morning. Continue Reading …

Beyond those Requisite Second Days

By Kelly Foster

First days of school are never really that bad. But it was over a celebratory “made it through our first day” McDLT sandwich in sixth grade that I was granted a severe epiphany, as tangible as a kick in the gut: there is always a second day of school. Always. Continue Reading …

That Other Loud and Accidental Point of Time

By Kelly Foster

My favorite new word came inadvertently and secondhand through my boyfriend’s father earlier this year. Speaking to his brother at their father’s funeral, he asked, “Do you have a tic-tac or something? Cause your breath’s just kind of medium.” Continue Reading …

Almost Summer

By Kelly Foster

Many of my best feelings in spring are because of summer. Thawed, the spring breeze kisses the skin instead of biting it. In Mississippi, by the time the azaleas have reached their full (albeit transitory) pomp and circumstance, the sun-drenched days feel as unreal as if conjured out of a Technicolor dream sequence. Continue Reading …

Suffering and Voyeurism

By Kelly Foster

I locked myself in my dorm room one weekend my sophomore year of college. I had a double minor in European History and German. In one of my Twentieth Century Europe classes, we’d spent our Friday class watching a documentary about the Holocaust. Continue Reading …

New Orleans: Heedless and Brave

By Kelly Foster

Out of grace and sheer dumb luck, I’ve been fortunate enough to visit most of the “must see” sites in these United States. I’ve seen the Grand Canyon, Statue of Liberty, Niagara Falls, and the Golden Gate Bridge. I’ve watched the sun turn pink and set over the Olympic Mountains from an island in Puget Sound. Continue Reading …

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