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Learning to See Beauty

By Jessica Eddings-Roeser

“It’s ugly. It’s hard. It’s weird,” someone called out every year. My students were not stupid, but they lacked the practice required to see. Continue Reading …

The Christmas I Sat Next to a Sex Offender

By Jessica Eddings-Roeser

It’s not that I was afraid. My two brothers and I were grown—the youngest a six-foot tall Marine. Jim seemed weak and nervous most of the time, but my parents had realized that our hospitality was the most appropriate available.
Continue Reading …

Pennies for a Conquistador

By Jessica Eddings-Roeser

Each morning I rose early to drink coffee and write. Then I put on black eyeliner and three-inch heels—my own carefully calculated self-image designed to sensationally guide unruly high school students before moving on to happy hour. Continue Reading …

A Heart Exposed

By Jessica Eddings-Roeser

“I’m a writer,” I say. “Oh, that is marvelous,” she says, her blue eyes shining. “With a talent like that you will never be lonely.” Continue Reading …

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