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My Own Commencement, Part 1: The Birth of an MFA

By Gregory Wolfe

Only those who live out an incarnational faith can understand how closely interwoven the sacred and profane really are. And that reverent irreverence is precisely what has given this program its entirely bearable lightness of being.

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My Own Commencement, Part 2: The Uses of Confusion

By Gregory Wolfe

Don’t hesitate to become confused and to confuse your readers so long as you render that confusion in precise, crystalline language, for that is the paradox of great literature.

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Gregory Wolfe: “Whispers of Faith in a Postmodern World”

Among our national pastimes, there is none more persistent than the ritual lament over the decline and fall of the arts. The death of the novel . . . the end of painting . . . if an art form exists, we’re willing to believe it has seen better days. Continue Reading …

Don’t Miss Gregory Wolfe’s Latest Book, Beauty Will Save the World

MFA Program Director Gregory Wolfe’s latest book Beauty Will Save the World was released mid-June by Intercollegiate Studies Institute. In only two months, it has already begun to gain praise and critical attention. Continue Reading …

Image Journal Issue #67 Features Work by SPU MFA Faculty, Alum

Familiarizing yourself with the work of an MFA program’s faculty and alumni is a great way to help determine whether that program is a good fit for you. The most recent issue of Image Journal, #67, features two MFA faculty– poetry mentors Jeanine Hathaway and Jeanne Murray Walker– as well as 2009 Creative Nonfiction graduate Allison Backous. Continue Reading …

Do This in Memory

By Gregory Wolfe

I’d like to say a few words today about memory, inspired by St. Augustine, whose Confessions we have been reading together. The Confessions are the first great work of autobiography in Western culture. And they have much wisdom to offer to writers, and perhaps especially to writers who care deeply about matters of faith. Continue Reading …

Writing the Symphony

By Gregory Wolfe

On behalf of the staff and faculty of the SPU MFA program, I’d like to offer a warm welcome to all the friends and family of the graduates—including a number of alumni—who have come here to celebrate this special day. I am going to confess to you that it is a little harder for me today to maintain the sort of gravitas that I normally reserve for occasions such as this. That’s because it’s less than 24 hours since the “Santa Fe Lullabies” contest. Continue Reading …

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