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She Will Not Live a Small Life

By Allison Backous Troy

Perhaps this is another reason that Moneerh challenges me: She moves with ease in a life that many would claim is restrictive. Continue Reading …

Listening to a Stranger’s Story

By Allison Backous Troy

“Beautiful,” she says. “It was all beautiful. He is a genius, and those pirates stole everything he ever wrote.” Continue Reading …

Taming the Busy Trap

By Allison Backous Troy

If busyness is an addiction, then it feeds some desire that has been twisted and bent by wrongdoing. And, like anything else, that desire needs rehabilitation, a house of healing to set it aright. Continue Reading …

A Story About Beauty

By Allison Backous Troy

My father served drinks and sold weed to keep occupied, to blur the sharp edges of boredom and restlessness that had followed him his whole life. Continue Reading …

To See Her More Clearly

By Allison Backous Troy

Who was she to tell me to come home? How did she find out I was gone? What authority did she have to tell me—the one who knew more about being a mother than she did—to stop what I was doing? Continue Reading …

Blessing and Responsibility

By Allison Backous

I’m not exactly sure what made me think that, this time, the pain wasn’t normal. Maybe it was the fact that the pain reminded me of the appendicitis I had five years ago. Continue Reading …

Clean House, Hold Steady

By Allison Backous

“This is a sport, and you’ve got to practice it to get good at it,” she said, tightening the lock on a clamp. “Now Allison, I’m going to show you how to belay. You’ll be responsible for helping Jeremy if he falls.” Continue Reading …

Seeing It Now

By Allison Backous

The first nonfiction course I took, in college, was liberating. I had been writing poems and short stories since middle school, but after entering college, I fell in love with the scholarly essay, and spent my time reading Augustine and Plato, the poems left in a binder. Continue Reading …

The Love that Calls Us

By Allison Backous

I’m lucky. At twenty-seven, I’ve gotten to teach courses in creative writing, spiritual writing, theological aesthetics, spiritual reading. It gives me real, palpable joy to teach these courses, to discover students’ stories alongside them, to piece through the words of Shakespeare, Bret Lott, Luci Shaw. Continue Reading …

My Own “Rex Manning Day”

By Allison Backous

After my parents’ divorce, my mother moved us kids to a trailer on the northeast side of town. It was long and narrow, like a ship’s galley, and the wallpaper’s thin brown stripes seemed to carve themselves into the drywall. The trailer never felt like home, never felt like a place you could settle. Continue Reading …

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