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Avoiding the Mirror Write A Resume For Me By Cathy Warner

I have circled around this story several times, trying to write my way into it. I begin with an inciting event:

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Sunday in Sweet Afton

By Vic Sizemore Term Paper Work Last Sunday my wife decided to celebrate the end of our semester by taking a drive on a scenic stretch of Route 151, a two-lane road that winds along the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains between Lynchburg and Charlottesville.

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Christians in the Age of Sincerity

Instruction For Live Homework Help By Dyana Herron

Although I don’t consider myself to have a finger on the pulse of culture (I’m not a journalist or a critic or an academic, but someone who writes mostly from a limited personal perspective), I do agree that the contemporary public square seems a safer place to be a Christian artist or intellectual than it has in even the recent past.

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Saint Death and Easter

Help In Research Paper By Chris Hoke

Argumentation Directe Ou Indirecte Dissertation I got a call from a number I didn’t recognize. The voice was low, lifeless. He just got out of jail, and the guys in there told him to call me.

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Sex and Power and Christian Education Soccer Term Paper By Vic Sizemore

Essay My wife and I are always behind on television shows because we wait for them to come out on Netflix.

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Voices in the Methow Valley

By Shannon Huffman Polson

Spring in the Methow Valley of Northeastern Washington comes quietly, a gradual warming, winter grass rustling with the breezes carrying promise of new life.

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Poetry at the Goodwill

The Importance Of Cctv In Fighting Crime And By Vic Sizemore

When I was a soccer-obsessed fifteen-year-old, I had no use for poetry. I endured my school hours like a crated dog, waiting to get out on the field.

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Walking Toward Forgiveness

By Allison Backous Troy

Outside our trailer park, a set of railroad tracks ran from east to west, dividing us from the police station that sat half a mile down the road.

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When the Matches Go Out

By Shannon Huffman Polson

When Marie-Henri Beyle visited Florence, that city named for its place among waters, he thought the art he came across might kill him.

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Interior Music

By Ann Conway

I dread my annual hearing tests, which involve sitting in a grey padded booth. High tones I hear well through the headphones.

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