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The Creationist Crisis Reprise

Essay On Service And Sacrifice By Vic Sizemore

Do My Essay Online Several months ago I blogged about the Ken Ham Bill Nye debate at Liberty University. I hadn’t given the two much thought since then until last week when they both rose back into the media.

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Righteous Minds Left and Right

By Vic Sizemore

The orthodontist’s new office has a waiting room tricked out with video games—even a genuine old tabletop Mrs. Pac-Man. Grace and I were racing cars—and she was winning by more than a lap—when the woman in purple scrubs called her name.

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Monasticism In Lockdown America, Part 4: Asceticism

Essay Writing Blogs By Chris Hoke

Monks in the Orthodox tradition have long believed that God’s love is unchanging, constant, like the light of the sun. We do not need to appease a deity’s anger or perform well to turn the light of God’s affection and gaze upon us.

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Monasticism in Lockdown America, Part 3

By Chris Hoke

In the “burpees” the guys often showed me after they were home from prison—in their driveways and garages, always getting my heart thumping in my throat and a sweat in my shirt sooner than I expect—I recognized the Orthodox monks’ prostrations I’d learned in the monastery. Phd Thesis On Hrm Continue Reading…

Monasticism in Lockdown America, Part 2

By Chris Hoke

Earlier this year during Lent, I visited a Russian Orthodox monastery on an evergreen island out across the water from Seattle. I’d never been there before, but this local pilgrimage felt somehow familiar.

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Monasticism in Lockdown America, Part 1

By Chris Hoke

The gentlemen I’ve been visiting in my local jail for the past decade live a daily existence, I’ve often considered, not unlike monks in the monastery I’ve also visited. They don’t have their wives or girlfriends with them. They all wear the same plain garment—not black robes, but old red scrubs.

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Cheers to the World Cup

By Vic Sizemore

Doctoral Dissertation Help Your I met a friend in the local hipster bar to watch what was to be the U.S. team’s final game of the World Cup. An exciting game, we left with a loss that felt like a win.

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The Benediction of Place

By Kelly Foster

I’ll turn forty in three years. I recognize upon approaching this third score of years that the initial two have been largely peripatetic.

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Maya Angelou’s Caged Bird and Me

By Allison Backous Troy

I first read Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings when I was thirteen. I discovered the book through an interview with Fiona Apple, one of the many female singer-songwriters whose mournful lyrics poured through my boom box speakers while I slogged my way through the kickboxing routine that, according to Seventeen, would slim my hips.

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Can’t a Dad Hug His Boy?

By Vic Sizemore

When I sat down to work at my computer yesterday morning, I checked my email and saw the stories on the news feed: another madman shoots random people; global warming disaster almost certain; radical politicians calling for rebellion, secession; the rich hoarding everything, the poor getting more desperate.

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