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This site grows out of the dynamic low-residency MFA in Creative Writing program based at Seattle Pacific University. At the heart of this blog will be creative writing by the talented authors emerging from our program. Continue Reading …

My Own Commencement, Part 1: The Birth of an MFA

Nursing Essay Writing Service Australia By Gregory Wolfe

Time Order In Essays Only those who live out an incarnational faith can understand how closely interwoven the sacred and profane really are. And that reverent irreverence is precisely what has given this program its entirely bearable lightness of being.

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My Own Commencement, Part 2: The Uses of Confusion

By Gregory Wolfe Dissertation Writing Essay Help Don’t hesitate to become confused and to confuse your readers so long as you render that confusion in precise, crystalline language, for that is the paradox of great literature.

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Monasticism In Lockdown America, Part 7: Holy Fool

Resume Writing Services Nashville Tn By Chris Hoke

Hank’s trembling confession had charged the small jail visitation cell where I sat discussing the image of God with three men from the infirmary. I pulled out the last of three “icons” and passed it around. It was a color printout of the crumbling Sphinx in Egypt—its nose fallen off, all color worn away by sand and time. “How have we, have you, become like this? If we were made images of God, works of art, how have we been defaced?”

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Monasticism in Lockdown America, Part 6: Icons

John F Kennedy Essay By Chris Hoke

I sat down at the small, bare table in a cramped lawyer visitation cell, and three men in red scrubs squeezed by each other to take their seats with me. One of them was Hank, an old man with a scraggly white beard stained yellow around his mouth, gray and white hair hanging over his sagging face.

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Monasticism In Lockdown America, Part 5: Holy Elders

By Chris Hoke

With their white beards and deep lines in their faces, the older men stand out in our jail Bible study’s circle of usually-young men with either tattoos on the outsides of their arms or track marks on the insides. I’m always struck by the old men’s humility, how they don’t tell the whippersnappers to shut up. They listen. There is a sorrow about them.

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Hannah Graham and a Silence too Loud

By Vic Sizemore

It was forty degrees this morning when I got into my car. The back window was spotted white with frost. As I drove to work, a new appeal came from news that had made me heartsick for weeks. It was a plea from the mother of Hannah Graham, the eighteen-year-old student who disappeared in September from the University of Virginia.

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Pasternak: Artist and Holy Fool

Best Online Essay Services By Vic Sizemore

As I read the essay “The Writer and the Valet” in my latest issue of the London Review of Books, an image came to mind of a T-shirt I saw in one of the random catalogs that come in the mail. It was a simple black shirt with the sentence, “Artists make bad slaves” printed on it.

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The Demons That Possess Us

By Vic Sizemore

When I graduated from Seattle Pacific’s MFA program, I was sorely disappointed to hear Greg Wolfe announce The Brothers Karamazov as the next common reading selection. Upon returning home from my final residency at Whidbey Island, I pulled Dostoyevsky’s great novel down from the shelf as my first post-graduation self-assigned reading.

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MFA Whidbey Residency 2015

Enjoy some photos from our Winter Residency on Whidbey Island!

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