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The Marrow of Prayer

By Shannon Huffman Polson

Early this year, Spanish researchers published a peer-reviewed paper considering the evidence of social learning in Middle Pleistocene hominids as indicated by patterns of butchery. Continue Reading …

Partaking and Passing On: The Work of Luci Shaw

Help Write A Business Plan By Allison Backous Troy

Need Help Writing A Research Paper If it weren’t for Luci’s work and vision, it could be said the MFA program that shaped and spurred me wouldn’t exist. Continue Reading …

Philosophy Papers For Sale

Merit Scholarships Available!

Apply before November 15 to begin at the March residency… Continue Reading …

Gregory Wolfe: “Whispers of Faith in a Postmodern World”

Among our national pastimes, there is none more persistent than the ritual lament over the decline and fall of the arts. The death of the novel . . . the end of painting . . . if an art form exists, we’re willing to believe it has seen better days. Continue Reading …

Wild-Eyed Youth Pastor

By Vic Sizemore

After that, Joe instructed us to bring all our secular cassettes to his house, where they were burned in a green wheelbarrow on the front drive. Continue Reading …

She Will Not Live a Small Life

Masters Thesis In Economics By Allison Backous Troy Buy FL Studio 8 XXL oem Perhaps this is another reason that Moneerh challenges me: She moves with ease in a life that many would claim is restrictive. Continue Reading …

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