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The Marrow of Prayer

By Shannon Huffman Polson

Early this year, Spanish researchers published a peer-reviewed paper considering the evidence of social learning in Middle Pleistocene hominids as indicated by patterns of butchery. Continue Reading …

Partaking and Passing On: The Work of Luci Shaw

By Allison Backous Troy

If it weren’t for Luci’s work and vision, it could be said the MFA program that shaped and spurred me wouldn’t exist. Continue Reading …

Merit Scholarships Available!

Apply before November 15 to begin at the March residency… Continue Reading …

Gregory Wolfe: “Whispers of Faith in a Postmodern World”

Among our national pastimes, there is none more persistent than the ritual lament over the decline and fall of the arts. The death of the novel . . . the end of painting . . . if an art form exists, we’re willing to believe it has seen better days. Continue Reading …

Wild-Eyed Youth Pastor

By Vic Sizemore

After that, Joe instructed us to bring all our secular cassettes to his house, where they were burned in a green wheelbarrow on the front drive. Continue Reading …

She Will Not Live a Small Life

By Allison Backous Troy

Perhaps this is another reason that Moneerh challenges me: She moves with ease in a life that many would claim is restrictive. Continue Reading …

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