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Listening to a Stranger’s Story

By Allison Backous Troy

“Beautiful,” she says. “It was all beautiful. He is a genius, and those pirates stole everything he ever wrote.” Continue Reading …

Traditional New Year’s Food

By Dyana Herron

The magic key—and center of the meal—is black-eyed peas, which came to signify prosperity because of how they swell as they cook. Continue Reading …

Come Before Winter Part Two

By Vic Sizemore

When Joseph Campbell lectured on Dante’s life chart in the Convivio, it was in the context of his own charting of an archetypal life pattern. He developed it from his study of world mythologies. He calls it the hero’s journey. Continue Reading …

Come Before Winter Part One

By Vic Sizemore

Earlier this year Philip Roth told an interviewer from the French magazine Les InRocks, he has put down his pen forever. He told them he is finished writing, is turning his back on it entirely. Continue Reading …

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