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The Boy Who Lived Large

By Vic Sizemore

Tyler was sixteen years old. The service was nice. The pastor had lost a six-year-old daughter to asthma, and was particularly tuned in to the family’s pain. Continue Reading …

To See Her More Clearly

By Allison Backous Troy

Who was she to tell me to come home? How did she find out I was gone? What authority did she have to tell me—the one who knew more about being a mother than she did—to stop what I was doing? Continue Reading …

A Heart Exposed

By Jessica Eddings-Roeser

“I’m a writer,” I say. “Oh, that is marvelous,” she says, her blue eyes shining. “With a talent like that you will never be lonely.” Continue Reading …

Poetry as Balance Beam

By Dyana Herron

Flat-chested and well-muscled, with hair pulled back into strict ponytails or buns, the gymnasts looked at once prepubescent and adult. Continue Reading …

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