Impacting the World for the Better: Danielle Jones

Danielle Jones graduated from the Seattle Pacific MFA program in 2011 with a concentration in Creative Nonfiction. We are pleased to announce she has been awarded a Fulbright Scholar grant, which will allow her to travel to Russia and, in addition to teaching literature classes at Perm State University during her year-long residency, complete her first memoir, Mother Russia, Father Time. Other well-known writers who have been awarded a Fulbright include Jonathan Franzen, Joseph Heller, Karim Alrawi, Laila Lalami, Jane Smiley, and Robie Macauley.

Her memoir narrates the nine-month process of adopting her daughter Angelika from Russia–in the process, coming to understand the country in which her daughter was born. She hopes that the book will provide hope to Russians cynical about American adoption, as well as to American adoptive parents ignorant about the culture from which they adopted their children.

Danielle had this to say about Seattle Pacific University’s MFA program:

“One of the things I enjoyed most about the SPU program was studying with and under like-minded people. The students and faculty at SPU care about struggling with and answering–however provisionally–the big questions. They’re not content to merely publish and build up their own egos or statuses–they want to impact the world around them for the better, for eternity.”