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Snow on Snow

By MFA Faculty Mentor Robert Clark

There is a great clock-work above you in heaven, geared and laboring, and it will spin all night until there is nothing but snow. It will do the work. You may rest. Continue Reading …

Seeing It Now

By Allison Backous

The first nonfiction course I took, in college, was liberating. I had been writing poems and short stories since middle school, but after entering college, I fell in love with the scholarly essay, and spent my time reading Augustine and Plato, the poems left in a binder. Continue Reading …

Gilgamesh and Me

By Kelly Foster

In spite of good and even fortuitous events in my recent life, it’s been harder than usual for me not to nourish a similar sense of despair and defeat, not just about myself, but about the state of the world. Continue Reading …

Happy and Unhappy Families

By Vic Sizemore

When Tolstoy says that happy families are all alike, what he means is that they are all alike in this one thing: they are boring, not worth writing about. Unhappy families. Now those are interesting. Continue Reading …

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