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The Love that Calls Us

By Allison Backous

I’m lucky. At twenty-seven, I’ve gotten to teach courses in creative writing, spiritual writing, theological aesthetics, spiritual reading. It gives me real, palpable joy to teach these courses, to discover students’ stories alongside them, to piece through the words of Shakespeare, Bret Lott, Luci Shaw. Continue Reading …

Food People

By Kelly Foster

There are people who love to eat food, people who love to make food, and people who love to talk about food. I am all three of those people. I think there’s something in the primordial recesses of my Southern-ness that partially contributes to this. Continue Reading …

Global Neighbors

By Kelly Foster

When we read, we encounter people throughout the millennia who have despaired as we have, loved as we have, feared as we have, dreamed as we have, and so on. The same holds true for travel, I believe, if we are attentive and humble and receptive. Continue Reading …

“Beautiful Work is the Soul of Our Culture”: Elizabeth Myhr

When I decided, after twenty years of writing, that it was time to go back to school, I looked for three things in a program: intellectual rigor, high standards for the art, and a program that would support what I considered a fact of art — that beautiful work is the soul of our culture. Continue Reading …

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