Hooked!: True Stories, edited by Leslie Leyland Fields

We are delighted to announce the latest book by our former (and founding) MFA Creative Nonfiction faculty Leslie Leyland Fields!

Hooked!: True Stories of Obsession, Love, and Death from Alaska’s Commercial Fishermen and Women was released September 1 by Epicenter Press.

In her introduction, Fields writes, “It does not require flights of imagination or verbal high jinks to create from such a setting and occupation the necessary elements of story: plot, conflict, tension, drama, and tragedy. All of this is built into the business of commercial fishing.”

Hooked! certainly involves those things: hard deaths, sea stories, the battle to draw up a wage from the deep. But it also transcends those thrills. Written by sixteen fisher-writers who have experienced this uncommon occupation firsthand, these stories flesh out the life of the commercial fisher; they include, as Fields writes, “not just the dying, but the living; not just the obsessive doing of fishing, but the passionate being as well.”

You can learn more about Leslie Leyland Fields on the MFA recent faculty page or her website.

Purchase Hooked! here.