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Choose Ye This Day Thy Paradox

By Vic Sizemore

I am not overly interested in the so called battle between Science and Religion. I have my opinions, but my deep interest is elsewhere. It just seems to keep popping up around me lately. Continue Reading …

My Own “Rex Manning Day”

By Allison Backous

After my parents’ divorce, my mother moved us kids to a trailer on the northeast side of town. It was long and narrow, like a ship’s galley, and the wallpaper’s thin brown stripes seemed to carve themselves into the drywall. The trailer never felt like home, never felt like a place you could settle. Continue Reading …

Tasting the Animal Kingdom

by Alissa Herbaly Coons

I have carried a deep ambivalence about my place in the food chain since the summer I raised a flock of chickens at age thirteen. I was a town child, my pre-chicken agricultural experience extending only to our backyard tomato plants in Kalispell, Montana. Continue Reading …

Hooked!: True Stories, edited by Leslie Leyland Fields

We are delighted to announce the latest book by our former (and founding) MFA Creative Nonfiction faculty Leslie Leyland Fields! In her introduction, Fields writes, “It does not require flights of imagination or verbal high jinks to create from such a setting and occupation the necessary elements of story: plot, conflict, tension, drama, and tragedy. All of this is built into the business of commercial fishing.” Continue Reading …

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