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And All Shall Be Well

By Kelly Foster

The first paper I wrote in graduate school didn’t really work as an academic argument. I was trying to claim something about domestic imagery in the writing of Julian of Norwich, but even after months of attempting to formulate a thesis that worked, I just couldn’t wrangle a coherent meaning out of it. Continue Reading …

Church for Husbands: What Music Means to Me

By Vic Sizemore

Music might be the thing that in the end helps me keep my faith. I haven’t admitted this to my wife or kids, because I’ve made it abundantly clear that I don’t like the TV show Glee. Continue Reading …

After the Fall

By Mark Huntsman

Ten Junes ago I fell off my skateboard and woke up three weeks later. Wait—“woke up” isn’t quite right. I was in a drug-induced coma for a week, then my brain swelling (suddenly, miraculously) reversed course, the doctors at Harborview were able to ease up on the drugs and ditch plans to cut away a section of my skull… Continue Reading …

A Heart in Two Places

By Allison Backous

During the time I spent completing my MFA, I worked for months on a single essay about the south suburbs of Chicago, where I spent my youth and young adulthood. Continue Reading …

Mississippi Blues

By Kelly Foster

I’ve never really thought to see if any other Mississippians feel this way, but whenever anyone not from here criticizes the South in general or Mississippi in particular, I tend to become not so much defensive as rabid and accusatory. Continue Reading …

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