Don’t Miss Gregory Wolfe’s Latest Book, Beauty Will Save the World

MFA Program Director Gregory Wolfe’s latest book Beauty Will Save the World was released mid-June by Intercollegiate Studies Institute. In only two months, it has already begun to gain praise and critical attention.

Jonathan Master of the Englewood Review of Books writes, “Wolfe’s work is a gift to us, deserving of our gratitude. This ambitiously titled book, Beauty Will Save the World (“tell us what you really think, Mr. Wolfe”), is a hybrid of sorts.  It contains elements of autobiography, and sections which can best be described as intellectual match-making, introducing readers to important voices in contemporary art and literature. Along the way, Wolfe employs his incisive critical skills, showing once again why he is such a valuable resource in the efforts at rapprochement between art and the church.”

And Robert Royal, editor-in-chief of The Catholic Thing concludes in his thorough review, “…Wolfe’s book is worth reading for a thousand crucial points. His Christian humanism is about as good as can possibly be in our time of exile. Dostoevsky and Solzhenitsyn and Wolfe have all endorsed the idea that ‘Beauty will save the world.’ Not literally true, of course. God will save the world. But at least beauty may get us looking in the right direction.”

Sounds like a potent piece of writing! Ready to read it yourself? You can purchase the book here.