Jeanine Hathaway’s New Book, The Ex-Nun Poems

We at Seattle Pacific University are thrilled to announce the upcoming The Ex Nun Poems, the newest volume from SPU MFA poetry faculty Jeanine Hathaway.

The book will be released by Finishing Line Press this October (but can be pre-ordered here through August 12).

In this volume, Hathaway—herself a former Dominican nun—reflects on experiences with both joy and regret, explores how the past influences the present, and proves that we all, in some way or another, bear the title “ex.”

Advance praise for The Ex Nun Poems includes the following:

We all are ex-something in this world. We all choose or were chosen. With incredible wit, wry humor, and an amazing awareness of the possibilities of language, Jeanine Hathaway plops up down, body and soul, into a woman’s life rich with both the strange and the mundane. Her voice is a voice of struggle but, ultimately, of affirmation. The ex-nun is a survivor. Choose her. She’ll get you through.

–Anita Skeen

One part grounded in the dynamics of the spiritual life, and one part pushing off into the confusions and fulfillments of worldliness, these poems bring two worlds in to conflict–and often into a bountiful resolution, in which textual gosp…el and comic books both play their appropriate roles. Jeanine Hathaway is a poet wise, witty, and wistful, and complexities of her life’s journey are balanced by a disarming (and charming) surface lucidity. Ex-nun she may be…but also ex-traordinary.
–Albert Goldbarth

Jeanine Hathaway is a poet who knows how to dance along the edge of the precipice. As a former Dominican nun, a mother, and a teacher, she understands that the stakes in life are high, that love is haunted by fear, faith dogged by doubt, and professional life complicated by ego. And yet her skeptical eye remains wedded to a lyrical sense of the ways in which the good can be experienced…and celebrated. Take a turn or two with her.
Image Journal

The Ex-Nun Poems follow Hathaway’s previous volume The Self As Constellation (winner of the 2001 Vassar Miller Prize for Poetry), and the autobiographical novel Motherhouse.

You can learn more about Jeanine by visiting the SPU MFA faculty page, or through this feature at Image Journal.

Learn more about The Ex-Nun Poems here.