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“Craft is Simply a Matter of Hard Work”: Vic Sizemore

Since graduating from SPU’s MFA program in 2009 with a degree in Fiction, Vic Sizemore has remained hard at work crafting short stories and sending them into the world. Continue Reading …

Blessing the Past

By Allison Backous

Lately, I’ve been thinking about blessing, mostly due to Tony Woodlief’s beautiful blog post earlier this month. “I pay attention to how blessings are given,” he wrote, “how they are received.” I’m realizing how much the idea of blessing plays a part in how and what I write, and that is slowly becoming a major decision in how I think about my history, my life. Continue Reading …

2011 AWP Conference in Washington, D.C.

This year’s AWP (Association of Writers and Writing Programs) Annual Conference and Bookfair was held earlier this month, February 3-6, in Washington, D.C. As always, representatives from Seattle Pacific University’s MFA were on hand to greet prospective students and answer questions about our program. Continue Reading …

Smoke Break

By Dyana Herron

After I’ve peeled the plastic protective layer off the nicotine patch and am holding the flesh-colored circle above the actual, paler flesh of David’s forearm, careful not to touch the sticky medicated part with my fingers, I pause. Continue Reading …

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