“Craft is Simply a Matter of Hard Work”: Vic Sizemore

Since graduating from SPU’s MFA program in 2009 with a degree in Fiction, Vic Sizemore has remained hard at work crafting short stories and sending them into the world.

Sizemore’s stories have appeared in The Connecticut Review, Dos Passos Review, The Portland Review, and The Southern Humanities Review, among other publications. His story “Behold All Things Are Made New” was a finalist for the Sherwood Anderson Award at The Mid-American Review, and “What Happened to PFC Quinos,” published recently in Story Quarterly 44, has been nominated for Best American Nonrequired Reading.

Click here to read Sizemore’s story “Hush Little Baby,” which won first place in Fiction in the New Millennium Writing competition.

Sizemore lives with his family in Lynchburg, and teaches at Central Virginia Community College. He had this to say about the reading annotations (sixty-two minimum!) required by SPU’s MFA program:

The annotations feel like a massive load of work, but they are just as important in their way as the workshops and the mentors and the residencies. You can’t spend a couple of years with a relentless flow of good literature washing through your brain without coming out on the other side a different writer.

Click here to learn more about SPU MFA’s degree requirements.