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“Spinning and Being Spun”: Nancy Nordenson

At the outset, my primary goal in enrolling in the program was to become a better writer. My secondary goal was to deepen and broaden my understanding of faith and how it informs and is informed by art. By the end of the first residency, I began to realize just how deeply these goals were intertwined. Continue Reading …

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Application Essay Writing 4 College By Kelly Foster

Writing An Admission Essay 8 Paragraph

Research Papers Cheap All the way up I-55 from Jackson on Christmas night, I watched the world become winter. Trees that were formerly merely leafless grew heavy with snow as the landscape whizzed by. Fields, some plowed and some redolent with the skeletons of harvested corn, reflected the blue moonlight back, wide and still and iridescent. Continue Reading …

Application Deadline Only Two Weeks Away!

All applications to enter the SPU MFA program at our summer 2011 residency in Santa Fe, NM are due by Tuesday, February 1st. Each applicant must submit transcripts from previous schools attended, three letters of recommendation, a sample of creative writing within his or her desired genre, and a personal essay about his or her development as a writer and a person of faith. Continue Reading …

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“The Artist Never Looks Away”: Daniel Bowman, Jr.

In a low-residency program, the correspondence quarters between residencies can be a lonely time, as writing is a solitary and demanding enterprise. The two ten-day residencies of SPU’s MFA program, then– in March on Whidbey Island and in July in Santa Fe– are times of reconnecting to the community, and preparing to return back to the world with renewed vision and passion. Continue Reading …

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