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By Ann Conway

Here in central Maine, the world has come down to bone. The songbirds are gone and crows, which poet Mary Oliver terms “the deep muscle of the world,” have taken over my street. The landscape seems empty; the ground, a carpet of desiccated leaves. One longs for the blanketing stillness of snow. Continue Reading …

Image Journal Issue #67 Features Work by SPU MFA Faculty, Alum

Familiarizing yourself with the work of an MFA program’s faculty and alumni is a great way to help determine whether that program is a good fit for you. The most recent issue of Image Journal, #67, features two MFA faculty– poetry mentors Jeanine Hathaway and Jeanne Murray Walker– as well as 2009 Creative Nonfiction graduate Allison Backous. Continue Reading …

Trouble and Memory

By Allison Backous

This fall, I began teaching English at a Christian college. Many of my students, wise and compassionate beyond their years, are going into some form of church ministry, and their papers are dotted with terms that signify their eagerness: apologetics, mission, witnessing. Continue Reading …

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