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“When Doctors Tell Tales”: Brian Volck

Entrepreneurship Business Plan Sample I applied to the SPU MFA program in order to find someone to whom my writing was accountable. I found that. What’s more, I found encouragement, inspiration, and friendship—palpable confirmation that I wasn’t alone working in this fraught and fertile intersection of art and faith. Continue Reading …

Don’t Miss Fields’s Cover Story in Christianity Today

Author and MFA faculty member Leslie Leyland Fields’s newest book, The Spirit of Food, inspired Christianity Today to publish her thoughts on food and spirituality in their latest cover story. Continue Reading …

Phd Dissertation Help Outline

Miracle, Legend, Whatever You Want

By Kelly Foster

America, I have two words to say to you about Mississippi: Brett Favre. Because for everything that all the other states can claim—well-paved roads, functional public education, progressive politics, literacy, physical fitness—we get to claim Brett Favre. Continue Reading …

How To Write A Review Paper

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