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Water and Oil

By Dyana Herron

Water: we think of it all the time. This is perhaps especially true of me, born a Baptist, an Aquarius, and a weeper. A Baptist, dipped into the carp-thick Conasauga river. An Aquarius, water bearer. A weeper, sloshing water from the bucket of the soul. Continue Reading …

MFA Faculty Leslie Leyland Fields Publishes The Spirit of Food

A hearty new book offers the chance to enjoy an amazing selection of work by some of our favorite people! The just-released The Spirit of Food, an anthology edited by SPU MFA creative nonfiction faculty Leslie Leyland Fields, contains thirty-four essays on food and how it nurtures both the body and the spirit. Continue Reading …

To Write

By Ann Conway

I find creative writing difficult. This is in contrast to my professional writing as a consultant, which I find, after twenty five years, relatively straightforward: if you’ve written one foundation report or federal grant, you’ve pretty much written them all. But real writing, as I think of it—including this blog—is another story. Continue Reading …

Love Loving

By Kelly Foster

I do believe in God. I don’t believe, with any regularity, that God loves me. Or that, whether or not I believe in God, life will necessarily be anything other than the bleak, terror-blanched affair it sometimes appears at three in the morning. Continue Reading …

Spirits and Spooks

By Dyana Herron

I’m always surprised come mid-September when I pop into the drugstore or supermarket and first see the aisle in black and orange, yellow and purple, of fun-sized Halloween candy and plastic jack-o-lantern buckets. Continue Reading …

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