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Beyond those Requisite Second Days

By Kelly Foster

First days of school are never really that bad. But it was over a celebratory “made it through our first day” McDLT sandwich in sixth grade that I was granted a severe epiphany, as tangible as a kick in the gut: there is always a second day of school. Always. Continue Reading …

“Abandoning Mastery”: Allison Backous

I loved creative writing as a teenager, and fell in love with scholarly work in my undergrad; when I first encountered the MFA program, and the work of Robert Clark, I knew that the MFA was a place where critical thought and practice, both in writing and in talking about writing, were important. Continue Reading …

Mistakes Were Made

By Mark Huntsman

This year my birthday fell on a Sunday, which meant I got to be out on a Saturday, wait for the clock to touch midnight, and raise glasses with a group of friends. Well, friend, as it turned out. My lovely wife had to work, and my friends tend to have things going on the weekend, and I tend not to plan ahead. Continue Reading …

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