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Santa Fe Summer Residency 2010!

July 29 through August 8, the MFA students and faculty will gather at the campus of St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to take part in the Summer 2010 Residency. We’ll be studying the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins and the prose of Annie Dillard for our Art & Faith class, taking part in craft seminars and workshops, and will be able to spend the evenings participating in events hosted by the Glen Workshop. Continue Reading …


By Brian Volck

When I stepped out of the Arizona sun into your house, Wilbert, it took awhile for my eyes to adjust. Perhaps that’s why I didn’t notice at first how much older you’ve grown in the past year. You lean back, heavy-lidded, on your couch, while June’s soporific heat conjures a listless silence over the mesa. Continue Reading …

Commonplace Covenant

By Dyana Herron

I am scraping a long waterfall of blue wax from my friends’ wall. First I try with just my fingernails, but when that doesn’t work, I use a butter knife, careful not to gouge the paint. This wax is from a candle that sat on top of their bookshelf, the bookshelf we just loaded into a truck, just like almost everything else they own. Continue Reading …

Gina Ochsner: Imaginative Leaps of Faith

A recent article in The Oregonian explores not only the completion of Oschner’s first novel, but her passion for writing, for her family, and for her faith. Read it here to learn more about the author, who says: “I’m not here to make people comfortable.” Continue Reading …

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