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“Each of My Callings Brings Joy”: Denise Frame Harlan

I came to writing late, and I came hungry for excellence. I’d already studied faith and the arts for twenty years, through the pages of Image Journal. When I first started, I had a hard time calling myself a writer. My reading standards were high and my skills were…okay. I wanted much more from my stories. Continue Reading …

An Ordinary Dream

By Dyana Herron

When I was six, my mother entered me in a beauty pageant. This was in the late 80s, before the JonBenét Ramsey tragedy cast a harsh light on parents who doll their daughters up like prepubescent Barbies—bouffant hair, red lips, layer upon layer of mascara. Continue Reading …

That Other Loud and Accidental Point of Time

By Kelly Foster

My favorite new word came inadvertently and secondhand through my boyfriend’s father earlier this year. Speaking to his brother at their father’s funeral, he asked, “Do you have a tic-tac or something? Cause your breath’s just kind of medium.” Continue Reading …

The Mutt and Me

By Brian Volck

Humanity is readily divisible into two groups: those who divide humanity into groups and those who don’t. The wise—even those among the dividers—learn to hold their tongue among the former. More than matters of taste, the position one takes in intractable arguments reveals something of one’s interior life. Continue Reading …

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