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2010 AWP Convention and Festival of Faith and Writing

Last month the AWP (Association of Writers and Writing Programs) Convention was held in Denver, Colorado, followed the next weekend by the Festival of Faith and Writing at Calvin College. The SPU MFA Program and Image Journal were present for both events at booths with information and items for sale, and were hosts of special panels and receptions. Continue Reading …

I of the Storm

By Dyana Herron

Even as I write this, residents in and around Nashville, in my home state, are suffering from recent floods. Some are temporarily displaced, some have lost their homes for good, some are mourning family members and friends. All because of rain—rain that came hard and came fast, causing the Cumberland River to crest its banks. Continue Reading …

Almost Summer

By Kelly Foster

Many of my best feelings in spring are because of summer. Thawed, the spring breeze kisses the skin instead of biting it. In Mississippi, by the time the azaleas have reached their full (albeit transitory) pomp and circumstance, the sun-drenched days feel as unreal as if conjured out of a Technicolor dream sequence. Continue Reading …

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