Converting AVI files to MOV

To convert AVI files to MOV please refer to the following tutorial. The conversion allows Mac users to play and edit files recorded from video cameras from their AVI default file type to the MOV format which functions on a Mac.

Please note, this conversion must be done on a Mac using QuickTime player.

#1 Open the AVI file with QuickTime player


#2 Select the [Window] tab and click on [Show Movie Inspector]

#3 View the format size and note the size of the file

#4 Select the [File] tab and choose [Export]

#5 Choose where to save the file as well as a file name and select the appropriate size for the file. Do not make the file any bigger than the original format size as this will decrease the quality of the video. Select [Export] once finished

#6 An Export status screen will appear, depending on the length of the file it may take quite a few minutes

#7 Once the export is complete open the video to make sure it works

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