The Tech Desk doesn’t loan calculators at this time, but here are some efficient ways to get your calculation done. Whether you require Maple, a scientific calculator or graphing calculator they can all be found online.

Online Calculator Software (Windows, Mac, Web, iOS, and Android)

Use Wolfram Alpha or Google Calculator and Google Graphing Calculator (accessed by typing a function directly into Google’s search engine) for many different math functions on most web browsers.

Google’s blog post gives you an idea of how Google’s calculator works. Google’s online application may require particular symbols for some functions different than a calculator, and Google’s may not work fully in all versions of Internet Explorer.

Wolfram provides a tutorial of how to use their software as well. Wolfram also has an iOS app and is integrated into Apple’s Siri function. Wolfram provides a wide variety of apps for various mobile devices concentrated on specific functions or data. The Tech Desk does check out iPads and iPod touches that would enable you to use these apps.

Wolfram Alpha is a knowledge engine that will compute not only your math functions and create graphs, but much more.

For those of you who require the Maple calculator for graphing functions, it is available on all library computers.

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