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This tutorial provides instructions to upload a video to YouTube with privacy sharing restricts to those with a link, unlisted.

#1 Log in to YouTube with your YouTube account. You can also use a Google account (Gmail) if you want. Google owns YouTube. If you do not have a YouTube or Google account you will need to sign up for one

#2 Click [Sign In]

#3 Enter YouTube or Google account credentials and click [Sign In]

#4 Click [Upload] to select and upload your video

#5 Click [Select file from your computer] to choose the specific videos you want to upload

#6 Using the dialog box navigate and select the video you wish to upload. In this example the video was on a Flip video camera. In the left pane the Flip video camera is named FLIPVIDEO and the specific video is in the 100VIDEO folder within the DCIM folder. Select [Choose]

#7 The video will begin to upload to YouTube

#8 As the video is uploading give the video a Title. Also, this is the where you should adjust the Privacy and publish settings. In this example we don’t want the video to be searchable, so we chose the [Unlisted] radio button. Unlisted in the preferred route for most videos. When unlisted the link provided by YouTube is required to view it. If you need help selecting a privacy setting contact the Tech Desk for advice

#9 After the video is uploaded, it may take longer to be completely processed

#10 Once the video is uploaded and processed, it it is ready to view or share. Click on the [Video Title] link to view it or copy the video link to share

#11 The video is now playable on YouTube, confirm that the video is unlisted as seen below

#12 If at a later time you want to edit the video settings you can click on your user name, in this case [spulibrarytechdesk], and click on [Video Manager]

#13 Chose the video you want to make changes to and click the [Edit] drop down box and click on [Info and Settings] which will allow you to make changes to your video

Questions or Assistance?
Contact the Tech Desk, which provides technology, tools, assistance, and space for students to discover, create, and share.

Tech Desk
Seattle Pacific University Library, Lower Level
206.281.2211 | librarytechdesk@spu.edu | spu.edu/library/tech-desk

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