Stack Bypass Tray

The Canon multi-function devices located in the library allow patrons to use their own paper when printing. Procedural steps to properly use the Stack Bypass Trays for this task are listed below.

#1 Select [Printer Properties] on home printing screen.

#2 Select [Paper Source] tab from printer properties options.

#3 Select [Stack Bypass] option from paper source options and select [Ok].

#4 Ensure all other printing options coincide with patron’s wishes (ie. paper size, paper type, etc)

#5 Before selecting documents from paystation screen, open stack bypass tray on right side of the device and place paper in tray while ensuring side glides are manually adjusted to properly fit size the paper size. A tray extension can be pulled out if working with larger paper. Note that the finished product will print on the side facing up if a one-sided document.

#6 Following the paper placement, continue with paystation steps per standard procedure.

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