​Canon Multi-function Device Scanning Instructions

The library has a Canon multi-function device on the Lower Level, across from the Tech Desk, that digitially scan documents. The device is labeled as PayStation 1 and also serves at the color printer and copier. There is no charge for scanning on the device, however, to unlock the device a user must have at least $0.50 of Debit Dollars. If a patron does not have sufficient funds on their card SeaPac Pass card or Guest Debit Dollars card, the Tech Desk Consultant may use the Library Master Card to assist in scanning ONLY.

#1 Unlock the Canon multi-function device using a Sea Pac Pass with at least of $0.50 of Debit Dollars on the CBORD interface reader

#2 Choose the [Send] option from the upper tabs on the start-up screen of the Canon multi-function device and the send/scan screen will appear

#3 Specify the destination of the scanned document

#4 Select the [Address Book] option and specify which e-mail adress from the list provided (the list only contains e-mail address from library staff)

#5 Or select the [E-mail] option, then touch the [E-mail address] box and type in the patron’s email adress. Select [OK] after typing in address and again after confirming e-mail address

#6 Address should appear in the white box on the main send/scan screen

#7 Adjust document resolution by selecting the box indicating its current settings [Clr/B&W 300X300] on the far right hand side of the screen and selecting a different resolution from the drop down list. Choose which ever setting desired. Higher numbers indicate a better scan, but larger file size

#8 Open the lid and place document on glass face down and aligned in the back left corner then close lid or for multiple pages place them in the feeder

#9 Press green [Start] circle on far right of the control panel

If you scanned using the glass you can continue to scan more items by switching out the documents and pressing [Start]. When you are finished scanning from the glass you then press [Done] on the LCD touch panel to send the document to the specified email address

If you scanned using the feeder once the device detects your last sheet it automatically finishes and sends the document to the specified email address

#10 Complete scanning process by selecting [CLR] on CBORD copy interface reader and removing original documents

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