Debit Dollars

The copy/print devices in the library require Debit Dollars to function. University Services maintains the Debit Dollar system campus-wide and all the copy/print devices in the library.

Debit Dollars are a form of SPU campus currency. Debit Dollars can be used for purchases in the campus bookstore, library printing, and select Pepsi vending machines around campus.

University Services maintains the Debit Dollar systems campus-wide.

Add Debit Dollars to Sea Pac Pass

#1 Go to the Manage My ID page

#2 Logon with existing credentials (if an account was previously created)

If a previous account doesn’t exist one will need to be created. Manage My ID will send a verification email to the email provided. The email address must be verified before the account is activated

#3 Once logged in, a Visa or MasterCard can be added to the account

#4 Choose [Make a Deposit] from [Accounts] on the left pane

#5 Using predetermined nominations money can be added to the Debit Dollar account instantly. Choose the amount, choose [Debit Dollars], and choose the correct credit card

#6 Click [Okay] and confirm the transfer

Note, all sales are final and each nomination adds a $1.00 service charge. Therefore, if the desire is to add $5.00 to the Debit Dollar account the total transaction will costs $6.00.

Guest Debit Dollar Cards

SPU library guests may purchase a Guest Debit Dollar card at the Tech Desk or Circulation Desk. The card is $11.00 and includes $10.00 Debit Dollars (includes a $1.00 service charge). Cash or check only.

What is the difference between Advantage Points and Debit Dollars?

Advantage Points are a different campus currency which cannot be used for printing. Debit Dollars can be used for purchases at the Bookstore, select Pepsi vending machines, and copying/printing in the Library. Advantage Points are used for meal plans only.

Can a Patron Pay with Cash?

 All library users need to purchase the appropriate form of Debit Dollars (students/staff add Debit Dollars to their Sea Pac Pass & guests purchase a Guest Debit Dollar Card).

More Information

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