Desktop Computer Scanning Instructions with Adobe Acrobat Pro (PDF)

The library has a number of desktop computer scanners on the Lower Level. These scanners are great for scanning images and other documents where resolution is important. The scanners are convenient for scanning a few pages. If there is a need for scanning more than five pages in decent resolution the Canon multi-function device is more efficient.

Assistance is available at the Tech Desk on the Lower Level during library hours.

There are two different ways to scan documents. The first is with Adobe Acrobat Pro and the second is through the integrated capabilities of Windows 7. These instructions will cover the Adobe Acrobat Pro method which is best for text documents. If images or non-text documents are being scanned refer to the instructions on Windows 7 scanning.

#1 Log in to the computer with normal SPU credentials

#2 Click on the the [Start Menu]. In the [Search] box type in “Adobe Acrobat X Pro” or part of it till the program icon and name appears. Launch the program

#3 On the main toolbar, under the menu bar, click on [Create]. Then choose [PDF from Scanner] and then appropriate option. For these instructions [Autodetect Color Mode] was selected. The scanner will start scanning and optimizing the image

#4 If the document has text, Adobe Acrobat can recognize the text. This enables text copying, searching, and highlighting of the document. Click on [Tools] in the top left to activate the pane and choose [Recognize Text]. Choose [In This File]

 #5 Click [OK] to commence the OCR process

#6 Once finished copying, searching, and highlighting of text will be enabled

#7 The document can now be saved. Click on [File] and then [Save]. Choose location and click [OK]

Questions or Assistance?
Contact the Tech Desk, which provides technology, tools, assistance, and space for students to discover, create, and share.

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Seattle Pacific University Library, Lower Level
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