Canon Multi-function Device Copying Instructions

The library has three Canon multi-function devices to copy documents. There is one color device on the Lower Level, one black and white device on the Lower Level, and one black and white device on the Main Level. The devices that allow for copying have a black CBORD copy interface reader keypad next to the PayStation touch panel.


The charge for black and white is $0.10 per page/side for 8.5 x 11 inch. The charge for color is $0.50 per page/side for 8.5 x 11 inch. Debit Dollars are loaded onto a Sea Pac Pass which is required to make copies.

Copying Instructions

#1 Unlock the Canon multi-function device by sliding an appropriate Sea Pac Pass with at least $0.10 (black device) or $0.50 (color device) of Debit Dollars through the black CBORD copy interface reader keypad

A student uses their Sea Pac Pass card
A guest may purchase a Guest Debit Dollar card at the Tech Desk or Circulation Desk

#2 The copier’s screen will unlock and present various copying options. If you need help with special settings (copy ratio, double-sided, paper selection, etc.) ask at the Tech Desk

#3 To copy double-sided press [2-Sided] on the bottom middle (for more information on 2-Sided documents, see separate post in the knowledge base). Chose the appropriate option

The screen will display that double-sided copying is enabled

#4 After selecting the desired preferences, open the lid (or use sheet feeder) and align the document face-down (face-up for sheet feeder) on the glass in the upper left hand corner. Close lid

#5 Press the green [Start] circular button on the far right to initiate copying

#6 Copy prompt will appear. Select [Done] in the lower right corder of the touch screen to complete copying. If you want to copy more pages swap out the page on the glass and press [Start]

#7 Notice charges made to the Debit Dollar account on the CBORD copy interface reader

#8 Once finished copying press the white [CLR] button on the CBORD copy interface reader keypad and remove the document from the device

Questions or Assistance?
Contact the Tech Desk, which provides technology, tools, assistance, and space for students to discover, create, and share.

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