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Starting in Genesis, this online weekly reading program allows you to explore God's Word with the guidance of an outstanding biblical scholar who has a deeply personal Christian faith.

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Selections From the Prophets Week 6

Being Loved By God

In his book To Know as We Are Known, Parker Palmer addresses the challenge of building community in this day and age. Many people will come to churches and schools seeking truth as the basis for why and how a community forms and is sustained. Full reading and audio »

Selections From the Prophets Week 5

A Famine for the Word of the Lord: Amos 8

In 1928, a young painter in Brussels struggled with the post-World War I world he saw around him. As Europe tried to regain a sense of identity and purpose, it became popular for politicians to issue statements of idealism … Full reading and audio »

Selections From the Prophets Week 4

The Day of the Lord: Joel 2:28–32

On a summer’s day in 2009, Manhattan urbanites in New York City were going about their usual hustle and bustle of starting their day. Rushing to the subway stations, hailing cabs, grabbing espresso drinks, and picking up copies of The New York Times to catch the latest headlines and scan the news items for the day. Full reading and audio »

Selections From the Prophets Week 3

The Prophetic Call: Isaiah 21:1–10

Imagine walking through a desert landscape, thinking about your day, what you will be having for dinner, or what you will be doing with friends and family the next week, when the following events occur… Full reading and audio »