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Starting in Genesis, this online weekly reading program allows you to explore God's Word with the guidance of an outstanding biblical scholar who has a deeply personal Christian faith.

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Matthew Week 4

A Messiah of Words and Deeds: Matthew 8:1–11:1

In our reading for this week, Matthew has gathered together three groups of three miracle stories with transitional scenes between each group — all of which sets up the second of Jesus’ sermons in Matthew, the sermon on mission. Full reading and audio »

Matthew Week 3

The Sermon on Discipleship: Matthew 4:18–7:29

This week we consider one of the most well-known portions of Scripture: the Sermon on the Mount. The influence of this masterpiece, Jesus’ first and longest sermon in Matthew’s gospel, is impossible to overstate; its powerful message has inspired and challenged Christian and non-Christian interpreters alike over the centuries. Full reading and audio »

Matthew Week 2

Introducing Jesus: Matthew 1:1–4:17

Last week I mentioned that Matthew created a gospel characterized by careful organization. In fact, a close look at that organization reveals an amazingly complex set of literary patterns designed to direct our reading of Jesus’ story. Full reading and audio »

Matthew Week 1

Introduction to Matthew

Though the Gospel According to Matthew wasn’t the first of our gospels to be composed (most scholars now believe Mark is the oldest of the four), already by the second century many Christians were showing their admiration for this book by placing it first in line among those ultimately included in our New Testament canon. Full reading and audio »