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Starting in Genesis, this online weekly reading program allows you to explore God's Word with the guidance of an outstanding biblical scholar who has a deeply personal Christian faith.

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Mark Week 6

The Cross of Discipleship: Mark 8:22–10:52

This week we reach the halfway point of Mark’s gospel. However, Mark sets up the narrative so that it is more like a halfway pivot than a halfway point: this section looks backward to Jesus’ ministry through Galilee, and forward, as we travel to Jerusalem. Full reading and audio »

Mark Week 5

Expanding Ministry, Growing Opposition: Mark 6:6b–8:21

For Jews in the first century, there was one primary story that defined their identity and their relationship with God. This story was the narrative of Israel’s exodus from Egypt (Exodus 1–15). Full reading and audio »

Mark Week 4

“Who Then Is This?”: Mark 4:35–6:6a

In 1939, a new character appeared in comic books. This figure had a docile, newspaper-reporter persona by day, and a cloaked, superhero guise by night. While the audience could look at Clark Kent and see that he simply needed to take off his glasses and change clothes to be Superman, even his closest associate and sometime-love-interest Lois Lane could not see the Superman in Clark Kent, or the Clark Kent in Superman. Full reading and audio »

Mark Week 3

Purposeful Parables: Mark 3:7–4:34

In our introduction to Mark, we noted how Mark does not always present material in a straightforward manner. Mark encourages his readers to consider the mysteries in the life of a disciple, and the unknown and inconceivable aspects of the way God is working in the world. This emphasis on ambiguity and enigmas is definitely apparent in Mark 3:7–4:34. Full reading and audio »