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Starting in Genesis, this online weekly reading program allows you to explore God's Word with the guidance of an outstanding biblical scholar who has a deeply personal Christian faith.

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Revelation Week 4

The Lamb Alone is Worthy to Open God’s Scroll (Revelation 5)

Revelation 5 reintroduces Jesus Christ as a lamb. By the estimation of most, a lamb is an odd way of speaking of God! I suspect we have far less difficulty placing God on heaven’s throne than we do worshiping a slaughtered lamb. Full reading and audio »

Revelation Week 3

Thanksgiving to our Triune God (Revelation 4:1–11)

The world traveler preparing to visit a strange country typically consults the notes of those who have journeyed there already and who know well the must-sees and the do-nots. In my case, I’m interested in dollars — so an experienced traveler’s notes of cheap places to see and lodge are crucial elements of my prep work for visiting a new city. Full reading and audio »

Revelation Week 2

Prophet John to the Sevenfold Church: Greetings! (Revelation 1:9–3:22)

When I was a young child my parents sent my two sisters and me every summer to Camp Wooten in the Blue Mountains of eastern Washington, no doubt to give themselves the vacation they so richly deserved! Full reading and audio »

Revelation Week 1

Prologue to Scripture’s Conclusion (Revelation 1:1–8)

The Book of Revelation is the strangest book in the Bible and its most controversial. For almost two thousand years, Christians have found its bizarre snapshots of peculiar beasts in strange places both disturbing and captivating. Full reading and audio »