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Selections From Israel's Story Week 6

Strange Fire: Leviticus 10

The name “Leviticus” is the title of this book in the Septuagint, meaning in Greek, “of the Levites.” The Levites, of course, are the tribe that makes up the priests, so that name points to the nature of this biblical book as a book for the priests and priestly matters. Full reading and audio »

Selections From Israel's Story Week 5

A Merciful and Gracious God: Exodus 33–34

This week’s Lectio continues the story from the previous week and the previous chapter, and is connected in many ways: where Chapter 32 was about Israel breaking the covenant with God, Chapters 33–34 are about God remaking the covenant with Israel. Full reading and audio »

Selections From Israel's Story Week 4

The Golden Calf: Exodus 32

Our last Lectio ended with Exodus 24, and we have skipped over chapters 25–31, in which God gives Moses instructions about the tabernacle. It makes dramatic sense for us to move from Exodus 24 to Exodus 32: was when the covenant was sealed, and Chapter 32 is when the covenant is broken. Full reading and audio »

Selections From Israel's Story Week 3

Covenant Ratification: Exodus 24

Last week’s lectio discussed the Ten Commandments, but this one moves back to a narrative. In fact, this is the first story that takes place after the body of text known as the Book of the Covenant, laws contained in Exodus 20:22–23:33. Full reading and audio »