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Starting in Genesis, this online weekly reading program allows you to explore God's Word with the guidance of an outstanding biblical scholar who has a deeply personal Christian faith.

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Genesis/Exodus Week 12

“From the Frying Pan Into the Fire”: Exodus 11:1–15:27

We have come to the final plague with which God afflicts Egypt. This one, too, is reflective of divine sovereignty. This time around, according to the Lord, the result will be Pharaoh’s release of Israel. But with this plague there is a twist. Full reading and audio …

Genesis/Exodus Week 11

“God Versus Egypt”: Exodus 5:1–10:29

The first episode in this section lays the groundwork for understanding issues involved in God’s rescuing of Israel and confrontation with Egypt. Moses and Aaron ask Pharaoh to let the people go into the wilderness to celebrate in behalf of the Lord (YHWH), the God of Israel. Full reading and audio »

Genesis/Exodus Week 10

“Unlikely Heroes”: Exodus 1:1–4:31

As Exodus begins we are immediately struck by something positive and something negative. The former is that Jacob’s/Israel’s descendants have grown exponentially: “the land was filled with them”. This is hardly happenstance. Full reading and audio »

Genesis/Exodus Week 9

“Lurking Providence”: Genesis 39:1–50:26

Once Joseph is under his Egyptian master Potiphar, we learn that God is with him (Genesis 39:2, 3, 21, 23). The phrase is curious in that, so far, one is hard put to see divine favor on him. So far his brothers have plotted to kill him (37:18), tossed him into a pit (37:24), and then sold him into slavery (37:28). Does this seem blessed? Full reading and audio »